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Ho Hum

Well nobody’s bought our house yet. We haven’t even had anyone come for a walk-through! We’re trying to sell it ourselves using Forsalebyowner.com and we are on the Kansas City MLS. Out front is a big yard sign with weatherproof brochure dispenser always full of flyers because that is R’s big pet peeve when we drive around looking at houses. “They’re out of flyers! They’re out of flyers!”

Every day I make sure that thing’s full.

I also bought 5 of these from Office Max (and Andrea painstakingly wrote our address front and back on each one) and stuck them at the intersections leading into our subdivision but the city took them away because of some ordinance, of which the sheriff came by to inform me…

Then he took a flyer. And Andrea’s boyfriend’s dad took a flyer. And probably all of our neighbors have, out of curiosity, because we’ve gone through lots of flyers.

But by gosh, we have yet to run out!

(Speaking of Rodney, here he is – had he been 42 – in 1980. Ha Ha! I just can’t get over this. And me! Aww, Class Couple):

I resort to things like this to subdue my house-anxiety. It helps.


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Me: I can’t believe how much you got stuffed in your trunk.

Him: Isn’t that a song?

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I noticed this on a dollar bill in my wallet:

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