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1. The sign for this thrift store always bugs me:

Well IS it or ISN’T it?

2. A few weeks ago we laughed at a painted “Obama for President” sign in front of a house on the main drag through town. His thumbs-up was HUGE. His cartoonish likeness also appeared to have a runny nose. Almost every day I passed the sign when… suddenly… THIS!:

Did they change their vote?

I barely had time to get over the unexplained switch when about a week later the sign was back to Obama.

What the heck is going on. Do they not grasp you can only vote for one? Are they a husband and wife who disagree, yet graciously take turns with their yard support? Who are they commissioning to paint these things? Why is Barack’s thumb so much bigger than John’s? (Okay we know the answer to that one).

And finally, 3. Does Spongebob look happy?:

Do his cheeks look happy?


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