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Pink Saturday

For my second Pink Saturday, I remembered these tiny plates I have hanging on the side of a kitchen cabinet. (You know, I really have lots of purple and red in my house – is there a purple or red day challenge going on?)

My mom gave me these delicate plates and her mom had given them to her.

I don’t know how many Grandma started with, but by the time I got them there were 6. Now they’re down to 5. Following is a close-up of each:

It’s interesting to me how the gold border has faded or rubbed off differently on each one. I think this one has the most border remaining:

This one got chipped (on lower right) during my last move. It’s my favorite:

For links to more pretty pink things, visit How Sweet the Sound.


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Pink Saturday

My first! (Thank you Beverly for hosting this sweet blog game). I assumed it would be easy to play; however, I don’t have as much pink around me as I thought. How sad is that? So it will be fun to search out this romantic color (and add more, as I obviously need to)!

My Barbie wall calendar’s picture for August:

The roses on my bluebird welcome stone outside the front door:

The bellies of these bluebirds getting ready to take a bath (who knew my bluebirds would be providing the pink):

And one of my favorite bubble-makers when I’m taking a bath:

Hmm. That last one looks like a pretty good idea for a lazy pink Saturday morning.

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You know what’s so sad about putting your house up for sale? You get it as clean as the day you moved in… until it’s like new but better. Because over the years you’d figured out the most pleasing furniture arrangements and the closets are organized and you’ve hung pretty curtains that enhance all the views.

It’s lived in the way you like to live. Yet it’s spotless as if nobody does.

When we moved in 2 years ago the front porch was bare, new sod was fighting for its life in mid-summer, (the next door neighbors had no sod), and the plants our builder put in for landscaping were little babies (some of them didn’t make it). See?:

But check out these pictures I took Saturday (right after scrubbing the front porch down). A little more personality, right?:

The bench = my birthday present two years ago and the rocker = Mother’s Day gift from last year. (Imagine a big, healthy fern hanging nearby)…

And the surviving bushes grew!

The lawn survived, too, and *sigh* I’ll miss it.

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