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I’ve been devouring this book:

It’s one of those books you get lost in – almost like an old house itself with hidden nooks and crannies – but this passage spoke to me:

We may sometimes be embarrassed by our zeal regarding our special possessions or see it as a sign of our base materialism, but the lofty philosopher William James insisted these valued things are nothing less than part of who we are.


To the father of American psychology, the self is the “sum total of all that a man can call his” — not just his body and mind but also “his clothes, his house, his wife and children, ancestors and friends, his reputation and works, his lands and yacht and bank account. All these things give him the same emotions… not in the same degree for each, but in much the same way for all.”

What matters most to me in life is relationships. That belief just got a jolt of validation when Rodney called from work saying his boss’s wife was killed in a car accident this morning. Making sure things are right with those I love has got to be what life is all about.

Yet, I do find delight in living comfortably and with things (not just people) I adore. I’ve been on a bigtime house-purge and this is another book helping me along the way:

I want to actualize the desire to only own what we use and/or love. Why be bogged down by any of the rest?

I like to think I’d be just fine if my house burned down or flooded so long as my family came out alright. I think the biggest fear of that scenario comes from not knowing what all you have. “All my stuff! I’ve lost all my stuff!” If my house blew away right now I wouldn’t know most of what I lost because all the crap I never knew what to do with is stored away in plastic tubs and closets and forgotten. I don’t know what all I am living with. That’s just scary.

I want to live free of those fears. But truly purging is harder than I thought. Like I said, my goal is to get down to only what I use and/or love and completely getting there will be a process. Then I guess I’ll take pictures of it all or make a scrapbook or something of my beloved and most special things. Something to capture the reasons and the memories. I think that would make me feel freer if I lost it all. Guess I should keep the scrapbook off-site though, huh.


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