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I had my daughter Andrea when I was 23 and I got my husband Rodney when I was 30. A few years ago I realized if and when I became a grandmother, my name would be Granny Smith. I love it!

Andrea is getting ready to start her senior year of high school and then she’s off to college. This means Rodney and I will be empty-nesters at 43 and 41 years old. Here’s Rodney and I:


We’re going about things as if we’re downsizing. We just put our house on the market to see what happens (for sale by owner) and are spending our extra time donating everything we don’t use and/or love and cleaning out the garage.

Join me as I chronicle this new phase in life. We may move to a smaller home out in the country… or we may move to a maintenance-free townhouse! Then again we may surprise ourselves and buy a place on lots of land and need a riding mower. (Though I kinda hope not. And I don’t think so).

Whatever happens, I’m excited to find out.


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Simple Life

My need to simplify has been mostly regarding our home and the stuff in it, but it’s also affected my blogging. I went from two blogs (plus domains) I was paying for to this one that is free. I’m getting rid of Flickr and I no longer have myspace or facebook or anything else. (I don’t think… things sometimes crop up that I’ve forgotten about but I want to now just post everything to this new little blog).

Remember how Andrea called me from her trip and announced she WAS GOING to live by the ocean when she got older? A couple days later I was reading an article that mentioned the children’s book Miss Rumphius, in which a little girl decides when she grows up she will do 3 things: travel to faraway places, live in a house by the sea, and do something to make the world more beautiful. It reminded me so much of Andrea that I bought it to give her when she got home.

After reading I realized it was just as much for me.

I looked up my old “life list” I’d written years ago (or “bucket list” as people call them now). I had 153 items on that list. How did Miss Rumphius have only three? And how did her three things seem more complete than my hundred fifty-three?

So I streamlined my list down to seven (being charmed by Miss Rumphius’ desire to make the world more beautiful, I had to add that):

  • travel as much as is possible
  • work at making and keeping true friends
  • remember God
  • be a good mother
  • stay in love with my husband
  • live in a quaint small town
  • and do something to make the world more beautiful

Sounds simple…

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I woke up after midnight and thought “Hey. I’m FORTY!  FORTY!!” It made me laugh, it seemed so weird. And I didn’t feel old, I didn’t feel depressed, I didn’t feel worried, I felt…. happy!

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