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So, Andrea’s boyfriend drew a picture of her on her white board a few months ago and I have been begging her to erase it. “Nooo! Ryan drew it!” One would think it was a piece he’d toiled over with favor and admiration. You decide:

I do love the MOM tattoo.


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Monster Cookie

Last night Andrea’s boyfriend was over and she decided to make us all cookies.

Gee I wonder which one was for Ryan.

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Here’s Andrea ready to get her senior pictures taken:

And here are the proofs we just got in the mail:

I love how the proofs are on a cheap sheet of copy paper with deep creases across her face in all three. But the funniest things are the add-on’s… for an extra $10 you can get Facial Retouching, for $20 there’s Stray Hair Removal, and $50 will get you Removal of Braces. It’s like eighty bucks for a whole ‘nother kid.

(She doesn’t look all that much different from her Kindergarten picture, does she? And I LOVE those stray hairs! *sniff)…

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Sleep Like an Egyptian

Instead of asking each other if Andrea’s sleeping, Rodney and I have started asking each other whether she’s in her mummy state or not.

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