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You know what’s so sad about putting your house up for sale? You get it as clean as the day you moved in… until it’s like new but better. Because over the years you’d figured out the most pleasing furniture arrangements and the closets are organized and you’ve hung pretty curtains that enhance all the views.

It’s lived in the way you like to live. Yet it’s spotless as if nobody does.

When we moved in 2 years ago the front porch was bare, new sod was fighting for its life in mid-summer, (the next door neighbors had no sod), and the plants our builder put in for landscaping were little babies (some of them didn’t make it). See?:

But check out these pictures I took Saturday (right after scrubbing the front porch down). A little more personality, right?:

The bench = my birthday present two years ago and the rocker = Mother’s Day gift from last year. (Imagine a big, healthy fern hanging nearby)…

And the surviving bushes grew!

The lawn survived, too, and *sigh* I’ll miss it.


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Hmm… think I need to clean my windows? The dogs make it hard to keep up with the back windows. They’ve torn up all the grass right next to the house so mud splashes up when it rains and then I get lazy about cleaning them because I know they won’t stay that way long. But today I tackled them.


The door is always the worst because they scratch and lick on it:


Wow, it’s like getting glasses.

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(Part 1 here).  I wanted some red to spice up the living room and here’s what I envisioned:

I ended up with pretty much exactly that:

I wanted healthy plants atop the kitchen cabinets:

But I never did do that:

In the master bedroom I wanted balloon shades on the windows and to get the poster print nicely framed:

I got valances for the four windows, but no framing:

I knew some fabric in the form of a bath curtain would cozy up the master bath:

I love it:

And I love my bath buddy:

In the end it was nice to have goals for the look of the rooms here but I’m glad we didn’t spent a lot of time or money since now we’re going to move again.  I want to stay where we move for a long, long time so there will probably be much more nesting going on there!

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Here’s our current house:

Here’s the house Rodney is smitten with:

The goal is to downsize so we’ve been looking at townhouses but I came across this place and it is so “us.” It would be a downsize as it’s less square footage and considerably less cost than our current house, but it’s no townhome. Uh oh! I keep reminding Rodney about all that yardwork. We’ll see what happens.

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Here’s a close-up of the decorative plate and the print. Because Michele wanted to know what they were. :)

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Two years ago I came up with some things I’d like to buy to make our new house more homey. At that point we weren’t sure if we’d be staying here or not, so it was hard to know what purchases would be worth it in the long run.

Now that we know we’re going to move (hopefully we’ll be moving before we’ve even been here three full years), I thought I’d look back and see what changes I did make to match the photoshopped intentions I proposed.

In the entryway, I wanted a doormat to replace the leftover carpet scrap we were using:

I also wanted a little entry table and mirror:

I got the doormat!:

In the dining room I couldn’t figure out what to do with the huge blank wall across from the window:

And I wanted a pretty area rug under the table:

I didn’t get the rug, but I got this metal wall-hanging (that I’ve never been sure if I liked):

I got the four bowls in India and I know I like them. To me they look like earings for the wall. I also put up these curtains:

I never had the desire to paint the walls different colors because that would be too much work for somewhere we weren’t going to stay. But I did always wish the dining room could be a deep rose. That’s what I would’ve painted it.

In the living room I pictured valances:

And of course an area rug:

I got neither, but who could complain in this pretty room?

More to come…

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I’m being actively careful I don’t get attached to any house. We’re not really ready to move yet, and I don’t want a repeat of the Walden House Debacle of 2005. That’s when I fell head over heels in love with a home that we ultimately could not move into. I cried for two days straight, made myself sick, and scared Andrea to death. Never again!

Especially since the house we ended up with was better for us than the one I had cried over. God always has a plan. I can’t demand he give me the house I think I want – the best one is the one he already has planned for us (unfortunately in his own time-frame). (Gah!)

So if I sound detached (or negative and snotty like Rodney said I did on our tour with the realtor yesterday – hee) as we look at more houses, know it’s mostly because I’m protecting myself.

Just inside the front door:

These next two show more of what the front of the house and living room look like (but aren’t pictures on realtor websites horrible?):

I love the windows.


And dining area:

Again, the windows are gorgeous, but one thing really sucks. Those big tall things (plus the 3 in the living room) don’t open! What a waste! They’re thermal and great at keeping utilities down, but I need windows that open for sure. So that’s a big negative on this house.

Going upstairs:

YOWZA! She painted the master bedroom with mustard!:

It has a master bath and the rest of the upstairs consists of two regular bedrooms and full-size bath.

The downstairs is also finished and would probably be Rodney’s office/workout space, which is perfect because there’s a delicately pretty pink bathroom and a lipstick red bedroom down there. Ha!

Oh I know paint colors are the easiest thing to change but it’s so hard to disregard them during first impressions of the homes.


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