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Saturday Rodney took me to see butterflies. Actually the festival was over, but they still had the conservatory open through this weekend. I have no idea what the “festival activities” that we missed out on consisted of, I just wanted to walk amongst the “flying flowers!”

Look at this big butterfly net outside the door:

I got a butterfly net for my 8th birthday – I’ll never forget. One day I came inside and my mom was in tears laughing at me. “Wha…?” She’d been at the window watching me chase down a butterfly with that net – swiping it this way and that, and never able to catch the darn thing. I guess I looked funny? Thanks for the encouragement, mom.

As soon as we walked in, butterflies were darting all around us. They swooped like bats and when you watched them fly off, it looked as if they were marionettes on strings that someone was jerkily controlling from above. They’re not graceful, that’s for sure.

I mean, it’s not like I’ve never seen a butterfly before, but seeing so many at once (and all flying right up and around you and taunting you) was a cool new perspective.

They gave us each these fans to combat the heat (so humid!) and also to identify the different butterflies. I kept laughing at Rodney carrying his around like he was on the safety patrol.

Pretty blue butterfly:

R kept saying, “That’s a [whatever type of butterfly],” and getting irritated with me because I was calling them all birds.

This one creeped me out:

They ARE just like bats!

All the butterflies were regular size except for certain blue ones. They were much bigger than the others and did the most swooping and darting. I really wanted to take pictures of them but they were so fast! Or they would fly right up to me and around me playing ring around the rosie, making it impossible. I’d swing around and twist and shout and NEVER get them in the shot!

I tried chasing, I tried standing in one spot and letting them come to me, I tried flailing all over the conservatory. Basically I was 8 years old with the worthless butterfly net all over again.

I ended up with one shot of the ever elusive big blue butterfly:

Until we were done and I saw the balloons outside the entrance:

I got your Blue Morpho’s right there. That totally counts.

Update: Oh My Gosh. So, The Stone Rabbit blogged about going to the festival and my jaw hit the floor when I saw what happened and the pictures she got of the Morpho’s. You won’t even believe it. I don’t want to talk about it.


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Hmm… think I need to clean my windows? The dogs make it hard to keep up with the back windows. They’ve torn up all the grass right next to the house so mud splashes up when it rains and then I get lazy about cleaning them because I know they won’t stay that way long. But today I tackled them.


The door is always the worst because they scratch and lick on it:


Wow, it’s like getting glasses.

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Look What She Did!

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Shore Excursion

Aww man! I got home from a long hot errand at the DMV to find I’d missed a call from Andrea.

I don’t even know how she did that because we were told she wouldn’t be able to call until after the cruise. She left a message saying they went to Stingray City on Grand Cayman where she kissed a stingray. Yuck! Did she kiss it on the mouth? Where are the mouths on those things anyway?

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