Yearbook Yuks

Andrea just got her senior pictures and I just found a hilarious website that allows you to see what you’d look like in yearbooks through the decades. Yearbook Yourself. We’ll start with Andrea… here’s her senior picture (Class of ’09!):

But here’s how she would’ve looked in yearbooks from 1984 and 1990:

The first one is very Tina Turner but, aww, both are cute. I miss big hair! I want it back soon! The following is the picture I used of myself (you know I had to do this). I chose one where I was laughing, but not nearly as hard as I was laughing while doing these transformations:


In the first one I’m a man, complete with 5 o’clock shadow (or Mr. Drysdale’s secretary on Beverly Hillbillies)… and in the second, I am my elementary school librarian! Mrs. Enke! Hee… the first picture I found to use of Rodney was from last Halloween when he was a male stripper to my bachelorette party bride:


What a nerd Rodney was in 1952, good lord. But his 1986 is pretty Rick Springfield. Here we are as a 1950’s family:

Late 1960’s family:

1990’s family:

I’m about to wet my pants from laughing so hard. But get this. I showed Rodney his “1976” picture and he said, “I have a picture with my hair like that! And I’m wearing THAT SHIRT!” We dug it up and WOW. His actual ’76 school picture looks exactly how they portray the classic ’76 guy look. He was such a slave to fashion. HA!



  • Kristiane Smith
  • 40 years old
  • wife & mom
  • Kansas City

I had my daughter Andrea when I was 23 and I got my husband Rodney when I was 30. A few years ago I realized if and when I became a grandmother, my name would be Granny Smith. I love it!

Andrea is getting ready to start her senior year of high school and then she’s off to college. This means Rodney and I will be empty-nesters at 43 and 41 years old. Here’s Rodney and I:


We’re going about things as if we’re downsizing. We just put our house on the market to see what happens (for sale by owner) and are spending our extra time donating everything we don’t use and/or love and cleaning out the garage.

Join me as I chronicle this new phase in life. We may move to a smaller home out in the country… or we may move to a maintenance-free townhouse! Then again we may surprise ourselves and buy a place on lots of land and need a riding mower. (Though I kinda hope not. And I don’t think so).

Whatever happens, I’m excited to find out.

On the Market

Our house is for sale! We’re going to try the For Sale By Owner thing and hope that works out. I’ve already had the sheriff come by and tell me some lady at city hall has all the signs I put on the main streets. Apparently we can’t put any out other than in our own front yard.

It was fun taking pictures for the listing, because you clean one room and just kind of scoot any extra clutter out of the way before going on to the next. The anxiety comes from when people visit the house and it all has to be clean at once. But that’s the kind of anxiety we’re, uh, anxious to have! Rodney already keeps checking to make sure we put the correct phone number on the flyers.

The pictures I took for the listing:

Somebody is meant to be happy here. :)

Summer Night

I love it when the sky’s all weird and creepy.

Me: I can’t believe how much you got stuffed in your trunk.

Him: Isn’t that a song?

Monster Cookie

Last night Andrea’s boyfriend was over and she decided to make us all cookies.

Gee I wonder which one was for Ryan.

I Can See Clearly Now

Hmm… think I need to clean my windows? The dogs make it hard to keep up with the back windows. They’ve torn up all the grass right next to the house so mud splashes up when it rains and then I get lazy about cleaning them because I know they won’t stay that way long. But today I tackled them.


The door is always the worst because they scratch and lick on it:


Wow, it’s like getting glasses.